Video Analysis #2 – Michaela

In the videos that will be sent to me via the site, I take the decision to choose only one technical point to develop even if there is a lot to say about each videos. I will reserve more exhaustive analyses for my students.

Hello Michaela ! I finally answer you ! Here is my analysis.
Let’s take a look at the video first.

Your swimming style is based on the DYN ” Two Strokes ” technique :
– 2 swimming cycles + one gliding time.

In Maggie’s previous video analysis (Video Analysis #1), I explained the “Two Strokes” technique and the importance of having two different intentions in each swimming cycle: first a search for a large grip and then a search for speed to launch the glide phase (I invite you to read the previous article to understand the rest of my comments, click here : Video Analysis #1 – Maggie).

Maggie was therefore using twice ample cycles without using speed (fast cycle). It’s fun, you do the opposite!

In the video you swim two fast swimming cycles + one sliding phase. You gain speed with a  little (not ample) and fast movement then you are forced to re-launch yourself with a new fast swimming cycle after a short dead time. The reason is the following: there is too much speed after your first cycle not to be tempted to enjoy it immediately with a little glide time, but unfortunately you don’t have enough power to glide for a long time (not enough inertia). You are therefore obliged to re-launch yourself very quickly with a new fast cycle in order to make the best use of the little inertia acquired and have a longer gliding phase after the second cycle.

How can we show you that the DYN “Two Strokes” technique: 1 ample cycle + 1 fast cycle + 1 glide time, is more efficient than your swimming style? 
Well, it is you yourself who demonstrate it in your video. If we look at the beginning of the 100m we can see that the first cycle is not fast but ample. You then continue without dead time on the second cycle which allows you to gain speed and launches you perfectly into the gliding phase. With this combination of cycles: an ample cycle + a fast cycle, your swimming style is more fluid and you cover more distance during the gliding phase. 
Linking two cycles (1 ample + 1 fast) without dead time will really create more inertia for a better gliding phase.

One thing that you do very well is the monofin lift just before the gliding phase, the technical gesture that I call ” Like a Bullet ” is well done.

My advice :
Compare the two ways of swimming in training: 
– With your monofin, swim with your usual style 4x50m Apnea, Full recovery, (minimum 1′ between each 50m). Time every 50m and count the number of DYN cycles * on every 50m.
– Then swim 200 to 300m relaxed without monofin. 
– with your monofin, repeat the same series but this time with the technique I recommend. 

Compare the series: the times, the number of cycles, your sensations (glide, fatigue etc…) Make up your own mind ☺.

1 swimming cycle = one descending movement + one ascending movement.
* 1 DYN cycle = 2 swimming cycles + one sliding time.