Atmos Mission One

Atmos Mission One

The Atmos Mission One is a dive computer developed by passionate freedivers in Taiwan. This elegant looking watch can be worn every day. The display is easy to read, it is a rechargeable watch. The selling price is reasonable but above all lower than its competitors who also offer a GPS. Super practical to find a submerged buoy. 

Here is the technical date sheet :


– High-resolution, easy-to-read display
– Rechargeable via a USB cable of the Atmos brand
– Surface GPS
– Compass
– Salt and fresh water
– 5 vibrating and/or audible depth alarms
– 5 time alarms
– Backlight activated by wrist movement
– Receiving notifications from iOS smartphones (messages and calls)
– Stopwatch
– Recording and history of 100 dives.
– Time, alarm, second time zone display

The Freediving mode has the following additional displays:
– Real time depth (ascent/descent rate monitor),
– Maximum depth
– Dive time
– Surface time
– Water temperature
– Stopwatch
– A not insignificant particularity is the triggering of a vibration when the minimum recovery time between two dives is reached.

It also has an AIR & NITROX mode:
– Bühlmann ZHL-16c Decompression mode (GF adjustable)
– Single Gas Air, Nitrox mode (Air mix22-40%)
– Constant Backlight
– Ascent rate monitor
– Dive Planner
– Reset residual nitrogen function

and a GAUGE mode :
– Bottom timer
– Alarm limiting dive time
– Compass

Price 499 USD (422 €)

The Team ATMOS is really passionate. They deserve their success!
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