6 September 2020 1 By THEO PATRICK FOURCADE

The observation and understanding of the technique of swimming with a monofin are the essential prerequisites for your practice. During the initiation, improvement or training courses that I organize, my objective is to make you actor of your learning by giving you tools to understand and appropriate the technique. The 28 illustrations that I have made for this 22 pages article are intended to help you do so. 

Are you a beginner, who use a monofin without knowing if you swim correctly? Are you looking for information on swimming technique?   This article is written for you. I hope to make you want to spend more time looking for the technical mastery of swimming with a monofin in order to evolve in the water like an expert.
For competitors this information will help you to better understand the basics of monofin swimming technique.

Here is my explanatory version of the fundamentals of monofin swimming technique.

The article is composed of 3 parts: 
– The observation of the swimming technique,
– Explanation of the swimming technique,
– Technical principles to be respected.

The different disciplines in Finswimming or Freediving will mark technical nuances, but remember that the logic of the movement remains the same. The main principles are identical because you cannot escape the laws of physics, hydrodynamics, biomechanics…

To begin you must therefore absolutely understand the basics of swimming technique with a monofin.

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