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Some news about Bewater®Monofins

Kristina ZVARITCH interviews Theo-Patrick FOURCADE the founder of Bewater®Monofins Kristina ZVARITCH : Hi Theo, and thanks for sitting down with me! So, what exactly is this new project of yours I keep hearing about? Theo-Patrick FOURCADE : I’m going to make fins: monofins and bifins. I’ve been dreaming about this project for years, ever since I created my company in 1999! It’s been going around…

By Theo Patrick FOURCADE 11 June 2022 0


The observation and understanding of the technique of swimming with a monofin are the essential prerequisites for your practice. During the initiation, improvement or training courses that I organize, my objective is to make you actor of your learning by giving you tools to understand and appropriate the technique. The 28 illustrations that I have made for this…

By Theo Patrick FOURCADE 6 September 2020 1

What’s new today ?

I’ve organized the blog with all the elements I want to discuss. I hope that little by little the blog will fill up with informations that will be useful to you: monofin technique, monofin courses, training camps organized for groups where you are based, freediving courses, training program proposals, video analytics and an additional section…

By Theo Patrick FOURCADE 30 June 2020 0