Front Snorkel ylon-aquatic

Front Snorkel ylon-aquatic

Designed by Theo-Patrick FOURCADE

Front snorkels was designed for Finswimming. Their design allows swimmers to reach high swimming speeds while remaining hydrodynamic.

Today other disciplines use a front snorkel during their training: classic swimming and freediving. The benefits of this new use are multiple: 
– In classic swimming (freestyle), the swimmer can concentrate on the propulsive work of the hand without loosing balance, since the frontal snorkel eliminates the need to turn the head to breathe. He will also be able to produce an effort with a reduced air supply (depending on the diameter of the snorkel) which will correspond to work in hypercapnia (work to be done under the supervision of a coach).
– In Apnea, the front snorkel is essential to learn the technique of swimming with a monofin. Indeed, to master a movement it is necessary to repeat it and the frontal snorkel allows the swimmer to swim for this purpose. Some freedivers often begin swimming with a monofin without ever having swum with it, they use the monofin only to perform (CTW and/or DYN). Other freedivers  uses a front snorkel during their pool training to improve the swimming technique and the work in hypercapnia because the front snorkel allows varied and very effective exercises. 

Here is the Technical Data Sheet:

Front Snorkels ylon-aquatic
Original Design

The front snorkels designed by ylon-a are original French creations, protected against copies: drawings and models inpi N°082268 – Patent inpi N° 08 02964.

The YSTI 01 front snorkel and the YSTA 01 front snorkel meet the needs and technical requirements of a swimmer:
– The snorkel support is ergonomic and hydrodynamic.
– The fixing system is simple and effective against vibrations.
– The mouthpiece can be removed for easy maintenance.

The frontal snorkel YSTI 01 ylon-a – Original design has been selected by the French Federation of Underwater Sports (F.F.E.S.S.M.) and the French Swimming Federation (F.F.N.). The dimensions of the snorkels comply with F.F.E.S.S.M. and C.M.A.S. regulations

There are two models of ylon-a Front Snorkels – Original Design

The Front Snorkel ylon-a YSTI 01

Used for swimming (all levels), finswimming (initiation, children) and freediving (all levels, for training in the pool).
Dimension: 48cm, outside diameter 20mm. 
Colors: black – navy – red – blue – aqua – pink

Price : 16,5 €.

The Front Snorkel ylon-a YSTA 01

Used for finswimming (all levels, training and competition).
Dimension: 48cm, outer diameter 25mm. 
Colors: black – navy – red – blue – aqua – pink

Price : 25 €.

ylon-a front snorkels comply with the NF EN 1972 standard. They have been successfully tested for certification on quality (non-toxicity of materials) and resistance of materials. The tests were carried out at the national institute of professional diving of Marseille (I.N.P.P.). The ylon-a front snorkels are therefore all certified NF EN 1972 since they were put on the market in 2008.

The first good quality front snorkel on the consumer market is the ylon-a snorkel.  Described as a great product because it’s simple, effective with a functional design, the ylon-a front snorkel is to the world of snorkels what Swedish goggle from Malmsten® are to the world of swimming goggles: it’s timeless!

I designed the ylon-a front snorkels with the goal of creating an object designed for swimmers of all levels. Their design is efficient, it’s the observation that make high level swimmers whether they are Olympic Champions, World Champions or European Champions. That’s why the front snorkel ylon-a is part of their training equipment.

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